“Seeking: Anyone willing to be photographed with an object of their choice that represents an idea, belief, value, or right threatened under the current administration.” That was my call to the community recently asking for participants in this "artivist" (art + activism) project. 


We live in a time when each day brings a new set of disturbing issues to contend with, whether it be separating families at the border, climate change denial, assault weapons, access to health care, reproductive rights, or sexual assault. In 45 Reasons Why, I explore what happens when the concerns of many are brought together in one place at one time. By making the intangible visible, I hope to demonstrate the magnitude of what we are facing as a whole. 


I fear we are losing hope that something can be done about our current administration—that we are losing faith that our voices even matter. When we spend too much time examining one issue at a time, we may lose sight of the bigger picture and thus the enormity of what we all collectively stand to lose. What would happen if we let our voices go silent? If we stopped running for public office? If we stopped voting? 


My hope is that this exhibit inspires each of us to use our one voice on 11.06.18 and beyond to help protect all of ours and that these images remind us of what is at stake if we do not. 


Sponsored by Uncorked Studios, join us on Friday, November 2nd for an evening of art, community, and civic engagement at 811 Stark. Refreshments will be provided throughout the evening and special guest Rep. Rob Nosse will share a few words with guests. Business for a Better Portland and Design Week Portland will also be onsite to get out the vote. Exhibition guests are welcomed to join in their text and phone bank to increase voter participation during this critical time. Although this is a free event, guests must register to attend.





6:00 - 9:00 PM

811 Stark

811 SE Stark St, Portland


VOTE   |   11.06.18

© 2017 by Kristin Cole

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