About Kristin

There is magic to be found on a windswept day at the Oregon coast, a walk through the majestic Cascade mountains, or a journey deep into the canyons of Eastern Oregon. My first steps onto the sands of the Oregon coast sparked an avid love for the area’s unparalleled beauty. I left everything behind in the Midwest to spend 5 1/2 years exploring the Pacific Northwest with my pug, Cole. We're now back in Wisconsin after a multi-month road trip photographing the Great American West. Inspired by John Muir’s memoirs and a strong curiosity for the natural world, through photography, I explore the relationship between man and nature.  I use landscapes large and small to explore the importance of human visual perspective of nature as it informs the meaning of everyday life. 

About Cole

Cole was born in Coleman, Wisconsin in the fall of 2008. His original family could no longer care for him when he was just 9 months old. Luckily, he was brought to the animal shelter that Kristin was managing and she fell in love with him immediately and adopted him that same day. Since then, Cole has brought joy to all those he has met on his many adventures across the country. His favorite things are car rides, hiking, treats, running on the beach, meeting other dogs, and receiving as much attention as possible. 

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