Reasons Why



“Seeking: Anyone willing to be photographed with an object of their choice that represents an idea, belief, value, or right threatened under the current administration.” That was my call to the community recently asking for participants in this "artivist" (art + activism) project. 


We live in a time when each day brings a new set of disturbing issues to contend with, whether it be separating families at the border, climate change denial, assault weapons, access to health care, reproductive rights, or sexual assault. I fear we are losing hope—that we are losing faith that our voices matter. When we spend too much time examining one issue at a time, we may lose sight of the bigger picture and thus the enormity of what we all collectively stand to lose. What would happen if we let our voices go silent? If we stopped running for public office? If we stopped voting? In 45 Reasons Why, I explore what happens when the concerns of many are brought together in one place at one time. By making the intangible visible, I hope to demonstrate the magnitude of what we are facing as a whole to inspire each of us to use our one voice to help protect all of ours. 


45 Reasons Why is an ongoing project. If you are interested in participating by sitting for a portrait or by hosting an exhibition, please contact me. 

© 2017 by Kristin Cole

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